Fortis Location Announcement & Link to Mandatory Poll


Let me begin by thanking you for the patience you’ve demonstrated in our search for a future location.  We know that like us, you have been waiting for God to open the right doors.  It appears that he has now done so!

Several weeks ago the name Grace Community Bible Church crossed our desks.  Initial conversations left us excited to have discovered a church that desired our presence as an occasion to practice benevolence through the sharing of their building.  After searching the real estate market for nearly a year, we find this attitude incredibly rare and refreshing!

For those of you not familiar with Grace, they are located at the corner of Salt Mill Hollow and Millwright Parkway, just one block northeast of Lake Creek and 183. Their facility rests on a 5-acre campus, complete with a playground, plenty of restrooms, a turn-around car lane, and a beautiful, park-like setting.

We encourage each of you to drive by Grace at your earliest convenience.  We do ask, however, that you avoid going to the door.  There will be an opportunity to tour the inside with Fortis representatives before the start of the school year; anything prior to that risks us infringing on Grace’s generosity.

Technically, Grace lies outside the five-mile radius of our current campus.  According to Google Map, it is 8.5 miles from FountainGlenn.  Any families that need to revoke their ’13-’14 enrollment contract have through Thursday, May 16th to do so.

To avoid confusion and possible over-sight, we ask that each family respond to the poll listed below.  Please expect a phone call if we do not receive your poll entry by the 16th.  For planning purposes, it is critical that we keep an accurate record of our enrollment numbers.

And finally, please continue to seek the Lord on behalf of Fortis’ location.  While we are extremely grateful to have found Grace, their facility cannot accommodate our growth beyond the ’13-’14 school year.  Board member and parent liaison Chad Stephens continues to head our search for a more permanent solution.  We trust that when the time is right, God will bring this together for us.

Thanks again for your patience and continued support.  We hope to see EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU in the fall!


 Grace Community Bible Church Website:

Please click the following link to access the mandatory poll.  The response deadline is Thursday, May 16th.

His and Yours,

Pam Helgerson



 If we revoke our contract, will we receive a refund on all ’13-’14 registration fees?  Yes, families who revoke their contract by Thursday., May 16th will receive a refund on all associated ’13-’14 fees paid to the school.

What size is the facility that will house our classes?  Unless unlikely arrangements are made to bring on a portable, all classes will be held in their two-story building.

Will their be partitioned classrooms?  Roughly 9 of our classes will be in partitioned rooms.  MDO and most of the upper level classes will be in enclosed classrooms.

How will Grace Community use our rent?  We have been informed by the leaders at Grace that they are only charging Fortis enough rent to upkeep the wear and tear our students are projected to cause and offset our electrical, water, and toiletry expenses, etc.  Their philosophy is they want to “share” what God has blessed them with, not make money off of it.

Will Grace Community participate in school decisions?  The Fortis board and administrators will continue to govern the school.  Grace’s involvement with the school is as a landlord only.

Why a one year move?  We have outgrown our current campus at FountainGlenn.  Knowing the move to Grace would be limited to one year, the decision to do so was weighed with all soberness, contrasting the various dynamics of our program against the current availabilities in the real estate market. While Grace is not a permanent solution, it will give our diligent scout, Mr. Stephens, an entire year to search for something that suits our long term needs.

Does Fortis need help moving?  Most of the classrooms at Grace are fully supplied with furniture.  However, for the few remaining necessary items, at this point, Fortis plans to hire movers.  Should a call for volunteers arise, a mass email will be sent out to all Fortis families.

Will this move affect the school calendar?  No, the school calendar and daily schedule will not be affected.  Please expect the ’13-’14 calendar to be released by May 8th.

Where will the students eat lunch?  Students will eat lunch most days outdoors in a lovely, park-like setting.  On rainy or particularly cold days, the students will eat inside.

Will there be a place for the students to play outside?  Yes, our younger students will have access to a playground.  Older students will gain a beautiful, park-like setting to play about or sit and talk.

What about sports?  Fortis’s athletic director is in contact with area gyms and fields that we can rent during each sport season.  Students will need to carpool to these locations.

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